AllForCrypto is airdropping 8 AFCT tokens Latest airdrops

AllForCrypto is airdropping 8 AFCT tokens

AllForCrypto is a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy and sell items for cryptocurrency. They bring a blockchain-based solution to the issues that arise in P2P buying and selling goods and services online. AllForCrypto is airdropping 8 AFCT tokens to their community members. Visit their airdrop form, complete easy social tasks and submit...
OVR is airdropping 150 OVR tokens Latest airdrops

OVR is airdropping 150 OVR tokens

OVR is a worldwide, open-source, decentralized augmented reality platform. They represent the solution to various market segments needs and uses a real economic system that can revolutionize AR world-scale experiences. OVR is airdropping 150 OVR tokens to their community members. Download the OVR app, chat with their Telegram bot, complete easy...
Ten Billion Coin is airdropping 3,000 YBY tokens Latest airdrops

Ten Billion Coin is airdropping 3,000 YBY tokens

Ten Billion Coin is a new blockchain designed to empower Chinese industries looking to leverage the power of distributed ledger technology to implement a fair platform where all transactions are recorded and open. This will allow existing companies to take advantage of this technology to provide transparent financial reports, supply...
Algorand(ALGO) is airdroping now! Uncategorized

Algorand(ALGO) is airdroping now!

Algorand is a new cryptocurrency utilizing a “Byzantine Agreement on Steroids” consensus protocol that proposes a solution for blockchain scalability, long transaction confirmation times, and the high energy consumption with Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains. Binance will start staking their Algorand (ALGO) cold and hot wallets, starting from July 27, 2019 and will automatically...